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August, 2021

  1. Kinky Miami Escorts

    August 28, 2021 by Editor

    Dominatrix Benedicte from Miami Escorts: “Master Pierce said, If you expect my s-type to follow your rules, just because the event is in your home, then you may as well forgo inviting me and mine, cause that shit don’t fly”.

    Doesn’t that depend on what my rules are? Of course if you object to my rule about not putting sharp knives into a sink of soapy water but putting them next to the sink instead, you can let me know that, even though I would prefer that your s stay away from my sink at all. I would hope that having compatible rules would be OK.

    Master Pierce: If your rules interfere with how I do things with my s, then I obviously have no business going to your place. The sink thing…that is not in the same category. That is how your do your own house stuff. It doesn’t interfere with me or mine. Also, read my section about etiquette. I’m a freak about that stuff.

    It drives me bonkers when another person thinks they have the right to tell me how to do things with my s type. I mean, certain things I can handle…but some things, to me, go a bit far. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly entitled to have those rules. Just don’t expect me to show up LOL

    BDSM Pro Sub Escort from Miami: but some things, to me, go a bit far … agreed…totally.

    If someone told D what he could or couldn’t do to/with/for me…I think it might get ugly LOL

    Master Pierce: BDSM Pro Sub Escort from Miami

    Dominatrix Benedicte from Miami Escorts: @Master Pierce Thanks for clarifying. I somehow missed that “no s on the furniture” thing, which is not a rule at my house. On the flip side, if someone visits me and wants to flog their slave or get a blowjob under the table, they can turn around and go home, because it’s not stuff I want to see, and it’s not sociable. I don’t invite anyone over who would think those things are what they want to do. (Obviously, I do not host play parties, as well as not attending them.)

    Master Pierce: @ Dominatrix Benedicte from Miami Escorts: I don’t blame you, I’m not much into play parties. I – and I emphasis I – find them rather…unbearable…and kind of icky. Just not my thing.